What is The Trophy Case?

The Trophy Case is an amusement vending machine designed to allow customers the chance to win a pair of exclusive sneakers for the cost of $5 per play. It is uniquely configured and specifically tailored to the sneaker/shoe community.

How to play The Trophy Case:

  • To win, player must align the key into the key hole.
  • $5 per play and the player has 30 seconds.
  • First, align the key by moving the joystick left and right.
  • Second, hold the "UP" button down and the key will start moving up. When you want the key to stop, let go of the "UP" button.
  • Lastly, watch the key move towards the key hole and hope you have unlocked a pair of exclusive sneakers.

If you are business/store owner and would like become a partner with us, please email us at deadstocksociety@gmail.com

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